"What a fantastic show! Hundreds of people dancing and singing all night. The atmosphere was electri

  BEATLEMANIA AGAIN was the star of the surprise party!

 threw a surprise birthday party for my husband a few weeks ago and hired Beatlemania Again to play at the event. It was a huge success! I kept it a surprise so none of the guests knew they were coming. When the band came on stage in their costumes -- looking, acting, and sounding just like The Beatles -- the guests loved it and started dancing! I got so many compliments and some people told me it was the best bday party they have ever been to.  I spoke with Rich a.k.a Ringo Star. He was so nice and communicated with me very well.  I really couldn't have been happier.



 The band was not only great at the music - they dress the part well, entertain everybody and were extremely professional with all of the set up. So good! Highly recommend. 


 "What a fantastic show! Hundreds of people dancing and singing all night. The atmosphere was electric. Our volunteer crew worked almost 24 hours on the set-up,show and break-down. What dedication! It truly was almost 3 hours of party time. I've had the honor to work with the Beatlemania performers for a very long time. From the "Broadway" shows,to many others in the top Arena's,Casinos and Theatre's in the Country. They NEVER let their production go below "Top shelf entertainment . And what about all those children at the show who knew all the Beatles song. Thank You everyone for making this a very special night!” Art Bonito  Camp Jefferson Amphitheatre


"You guys put on an amazing Show"

Steve Trevelise- Radio Personality


"Beatlemania Again rocks" Great show guys"

Andre Gardner  Radio DJ 102.9 WMGK- Philadelphia, Pa

Beatlemania Again Rocked the house

 Beatlemania Again was the best time-traveling trip that is condensed into a delightful show. It was also super affordable. The band played on with great songs and colorful costumes leftover from a Sgt. Pepper time gone by. This in particular lifted our spirits and had us rocking in our seats. My most favorable tune as a message for today's rough political times would be "Come Together...over me" meaning what we all do counts and how we speak matters. With that said, my mom and I left the building smiling. Smiles heal. 

JJ and Mommie

Great Show!

 It was an awesome experience going back in time... for a minute I actually felt like it was a real Beatles show! 



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